Artist’s Statement

My work explores the dynamic tension between chaos and order and is expressed via multiple media.

Scientific theory tells us that there can be no life in a state of absolute chaos (the center of the sun, for example) or a state of absolute order (absolute zero). Life cannot thrive when there is too much order or when there is too much chaos. This is true in everything experience in the world_ in organizations, in our relationships with one another, and in our relationship with ourselves_ too much chaos or too much order engenders destruction.

These ideas are explored in my paintings, photographs, films, 3-D printing and glasswork.

The gorgeous and dangerous atomic chaos of molten glass becomes a beautiful, stable and useful bowl with the introduction of cooling or reordering of molecules. Similarly, the photographs capture scenes of urban and rural decay…or is it regeneration? Buildings erected to impose order and utility are marked by chaos and decline, but look closely and you see life thriving in the spaces ‘in between’.

We live in an era of staggering change. This work explores the excitement, questions, challenges, opportunities and loss we experience as we move forward into a new world.